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I am a travelling daughter, mom, a girlfriend, a sister, and a woman who have passion in it. My name is Elli.

I live as a very sociable and open-minded person. The only thing I love in this life is to laugh and have fun. I always feel that I have a strong sense of humour. Life has made me realise that everyone in this world can be represented as-as the glass which is “half full”. And what counts is in the searching of the meaning of life. Each one gives to that glass and how it is full and empty is the one that defines the person.

I know that the way to see and hear the world are just the same. I also try to always remember that others have learned everything in their lives in their own ways while wearing their “glasses”. The encounter, however, offers the opportunity to share different ways. It is where the magic of new looks is born.

Being useful to anyone is one of my goals in life. I realise that, as a human being, we need to live side by side and help each other. That is why through writings, I try to help anyone who reads it.